The State of Environmental Justice

People, planet, and prosperity.

These are the three pillars of sustainability, the key reference points that help distinguish a step in the right direction from a step in the wrong direction. So how can we find solutions that serve people, planet, and shared prosperity? Download the guide to find out.

About the guide

The climate crisis can seem like an abstract problem, but environmental justice crises are about the concrete health realities disproportionately affecting marginalized groups. The fight for environmental justice is a life or death fight.

This resource offers a comprehensive look at the issue of environmental justice: its' history, examples of ongoing environmental justice crises, and a look at how each individual can get engaged in the fight for environmental justice.

Read about "the father of environmental justice," learn about places like Flint, Michigan and "Cancer Alley," and find out why issues of equity and environmentalism cannot be addressed without each other.

Here at the Bard, we are passionate about shaping the environmental leaders of the future. Let’s explore the state of environmental justice!

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